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As a renowned business in food distribution, we have access to many products and our team’s mission is to find the next trends in the market. 


We proudly represent them

Exceptional syrups
Dairy products
High-end cheese
Eggs from Canada
High-end chocolate
Sparkling coldbrew mixed with lemonade
Packaging products (cups, napkins, boxes, etc)
Ketchup, relish, mustard, mayo from Quebec
Mayo from Quebec
Plant-based milk from Canada
Chocolate Cups
Award winning tea concentrates
Natural spring water from Quebec
Organic Maple syrup
Eggs from Quebec
Natural alkaline water
Italian cheese
Dairy products
Third wave teas
Vegan granola
Organic herbal infusions
3.8% barista cow milk
Craft Sodas made in Montreal
Chocolate-based sauce and powder
The original craft soda
Organic cheese and butter made in Quebec
Fine cheese made in Quebec
Glass bottled milk and cream
Dairy products
Dairy products
Dairy products made in Quebec
Non sparkling beverage with coconut and lemon
100% natural seltzer made in Montreal
Juices made from rejected fruits and vegetables
Dairy products and cheese made in Quebec
Organic yerba mate
Organic yerba mate
Yerba mate
Organic maple water
100% vegan latte powders from Montreal
Protein chocolate bars
Honey from Quebec
Organic honey from Quebec
Glass bottled natural nut butters
Plant-based, vegan macadamia milk
Barista oat milk
Craft pestos from Montreal
Mushroom products from Quebec
Oat, coco and fava bean milk
Plant-based milk that tastes like milk
Eco-friendly packaging
Eggs from Canada
Oat milk
Organic guayusa infused tea
Plant-based milks
Vegan cheese
Cheese from Quebec
Rich and natural chocolate sauce
All in one pot recipe ingredients
Natural sparkling water
Traditional and spicy chai
Plant-based milk
Plant-based milk
Organic tofu from Quebec
Canola oil
Quail eggs
Cleaning products
Dairy products
Pistachio milk
Dairy products and cheese
Organic kombucha made in Quebec
Gut-friendly milk
Canadian Oatm*lk
Moka Colbrew made in Quebec
Salsas made in Quebec with vegetables saved from food waste
Soy and Almond barista milks
Canadian Oat milk
Natural Spring Water
A wide variety of consumer and industrial products.
Soy, Almonds, Rice and Oat Beverages
Organic Vanilla Beans
The French chocolate chosen by top chefs
French & handmade chocolate since 1882